Configure chkservd for HHVM on CPanel

If, as we do, you need to monitor hhvm to see if everything still ok you will notice how little documentation there are on the argument.

One easy but foundamental thing to do is to configure Service Monitor to look for hhvm service.

It'll require just 2 minutes.

First of all log as root on your system.

Then follow this steps:

cd /etc/chksrv.d/

Now create a file named hhvm and edit it with your preferred editor:

vim hhvm

Paste the following line in it replacing 9000 with the port your hhvm is running on (you can find executing ps aux | grep hhvm and looking for -vServer.Port=9000):

service[hhvm]=9000,x,x,service hhvm restart;/usr/bin/systemctl restart hhvm.service;

Save and edit chkservd.conf :

vim chkservd.conf

Add a line at end of file:



Now in you CPanel->Service Monitor you will find a hhvm line, hhvm is currently monitored.