Precious Twitter Checklist – How Twitter works for you!

Precious Twitter Checklist

Precious Twitter Checklist

Eccovi una serie di consigli e strumenti che vi aiuteranno a migliorare il rendimento del vostro profilo Twitter, che lo usiate per lavoro semplicemente per uso personale.

1 - Use a Twitter Manager application


Desktop Application



  • Groups creation
  • Tweets filters
  • Control about post tweets, answers and retweets.
  • Easy Update
  • MultiPlatform > Win, Mac OS X, Linux

TweetDeck screenshot

TweetDeck screenshot

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Web-based application

PeopleBrowsr screenshot

PeopleBrowsr screenshot

  • Easy to use only for beginners!
  • Manage your account online, no download, no setup, just insert your twitter username and password.
  • Updates from others tweets
  • Easy message with your contacts
  • Groups creation
  • Pause and unpause recurring tweets
  • Differetns layout avaiable
  • Tutorial online
PeopleBrowsr screenshot

PeopleBrowsr screenshot

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2 - Create a custom Twitter background

To custom your twitter page it's very important the background. Use your immage or your contact details in the background.

You can download free background ready for twitter




From twitback' home page

In less than 2 minutes... Brand yourself on Twitter by creating your very own Twitter background. Then, let us promote your Twitter Profile for you on the web.
Get Started Here or take a look below to see how it works.

TwitBask help you to promote yout twitter page

TwitBacks promote twitter profile

TwitBacks promote twitter profile

30 days for $9.99


Free patterns background for Twitter profiles

3 - How to use Twitter

Choose how Tweet can help you: Business or Personal?

4 - Promote your Twitter profile

  • Email your contacts
  • Post your twitter profile's url in your website/blog or others social networks (like FaceBook)
  • Add your Twitter profile's url to your signature in your email or in forums you visit

5 - Automatic Update on your Twitter Profile


  • TwitterFeed reads your rss-feed and post the news in you Twitter profile.
  • You can set the refresh time

6 - Use only useful Twitter Tools


Some Features:

  • Track keywords on Twitter
  • Send welcome DMs to new followers
  • Personal status feed
  • Manage all your Twitter accounts (if you have many accounts)
  • Filter your timelines
  • Do the same action on multiple accounts
  • Mute annoying tweeters
  • Pause & unpause recurring tweets
  • Broadcast DMs to all followers
  • integration — Feed Facebook & MySpace!

and much more >

$19.97 per month for professional account version

To find others people on Twitter


The Twitter Yellow page




MrTweet's updates

MrTweet screenshot

  • Find Tweets for you
  • Stats update

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Register with Twitpwr to keep track of how many people click on your links and give you extra promotion

Video Demo

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7 - Post at least 3 tweets a day.

8 - Don't Post only promotional news.

9 - Share informations with your followers and retweet he followers messege

10 - Share link that is nothing to do with you or your business, just useful to someone.

11 - Add the Twitter button to your blog/website

Some examples:

Twittter icon set

Web 2 Icons: Twitter Icon

The best Twitter Icons for you

12 - Check your Twitter popularity

Twitter Grader

Twitter Grader measures the power of a profile.


twInfluence is a simple tool using the Twitter API to to measure the combined influence of twitterers and their followers, with a few social network statistics thrown in as bonus.


Graph your Twitter Stats.


Qwitter e-mails you when someone stops following you on Twitter with a message.


Get updates when someone stops following you.

13 -Use the ‘Find People’ link

Find People on Twitter

Find People on Twitter

14 - Use Twitter Widget

Your Twitter Updates in HTML or Flash to your blog/website or others social network profile

15 - Keywords in your post


How do you rank on Twitter?


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