Interface and Strategic Design: ideas and techniques

Interface and Strategic Design 


Interface and Strategic Design


Per raggiungere gli obiettivi è necessario ottimizzare all'estremo la comunicazione del nostro sito, design e interfacce sono strumenti utili per fare ciò: impariamo a sfruttarli al meglio!






Choose your goals!

Who visit my website?

What users search in my website?

How I show my contents?


The importantce of the layout > minimalistic? clean? dark? hand-drawn style?


40 Fresh, Elegant and Clean Design

50+ Dark Website Design

Hand-made modern Design Style Showcases

Minimalistic design = efficient comunication?




Do you know your target? Business? Kids? Teen?

Age? Gender? Preferences? Language?


Brand Image

What users feels

Colors are importants for the comunication with the users.


Ecology? Green color with clean design or hand-drawn

Business? Differents color for differents section and elegant or clean design. 


Helps users!

Search Box importance

from smashing magazine forum:

  • Text field needs to have a white background
  • The text "search" has to be somewhere near it. It can be on a label, on the trigger button, or in the input itself.
  • Placement of the search box. Upper right part of the screen is standard, and users expect to find the search there.


Link: Can a Stylish Search Box helps users?


Modal Window login login











User Controls user controls user controls











Icons Menu icons menu icons menu














The Coca-Cola Brand > everyone knows the how the Coca-Cola is written!


Coca-Cola brand

Coca-Cola brand

















And your typography?




Disable pressed buttons


disable "Send" button after one user press it one time.


Embedded video

Users remains in your site.


Update in evidence update in evidence update in evidence











Keyboard shortcuts (for sw web-based)

Enable keyboard shortcuts for you users (like


Personalization options

User choose his preferences personalization personalization











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