Webdesign checklist

Webdesign Check-List

Webdesign CheckList

Ok, avete finito il vostro ultimo lavoro? Siete quasi in procinto di mettere online il nuovo sito del cliente? STOP!! Avete controllato che tutto sia perfetto?

Oggi vi forniamo una checklist utile a tutti i webdesigner per i propri lavori. E' uno strumento utili a far emergere eventuali errori o carenze.

Standards and Validation

> Accessibility

> HTML validation http://validator.w3.org/

> CSS validation http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/

> No Javascript Errors

SEO, Site optimization

> H1 = Site's title

> H2 = Site description

> H3 = Paragraph title

> Metadata descriptions for important pages

> No duplicated tags (description, H2, title, ...)

> Domain name

> Keywords in url, in heading elements (H1, H2, ...) and in the titles

> Create XML Sitemap

> Setup Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools

> Dont'f forget the 404 page

> Robots.txt http://www.robotstxt.org/

> Don't abuse with Image Replacement


> Standard font for the text (like sans-serif)

> Uniform style (Tipography, Layout, images...)

> Style of the text

> Printable pages Style

> Check the links

> Image optimization

> Sitemap (HTML) (example: WebAir Sitemap )

>  Create the Favicon ( how to: http://www.w3.org/2005/10/howto-favicon )


> Crossbrowser (Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, ecc...)

> Multiple Screen Resolution (Min 1024x768px)

> Differents OS (Win, Mac, Linux, ...)

> Disable JS and flash

> Loading site speed

> Server performance and secutiry (example: daily auto-backup, bandwich)

> Loading CSS speed

> Loading Images speed


40+ “Must see” CSS Tools

SEO Tools List

Minimalistic design = efficient comunication?