2009 Webdesign Starter Pack

2009 Webdesign Starter Kit

2009 Webdesign Starter Kit

Eccoci, in attesa dei doni della befana vi regaliamo un pack utile per iniziare bene il 2009. Dentro ci troverete risorse, tutoriale e link relativi a CSS, jQuery e Mootools che vi aiuteranno a sviluppare le vostre idee e i vostri lavori nel modo migliore.


jQZoom Evolution

Simple and very easy image zoom (version 2.2)


Amazing jQuery plugin for your image gallery

SimpleModal Demos

Alert box and contact form in jQuery

Style Switcher

Choose the CSS Style of your page in just one click

jQuery Corner Demo

JQuery Curvy Corners

Rounded corners with smooth and anti-aliased corners.

Date Picker

Plugin for jQuery which allows you to easily add date inputing functionality to your web forms and pages.

Fading Header in jQuery

How to create the fading header technique.

Coda Bubble

Beautiful ‘PUFF’ popup bubble effect on elemet's page. Very cool!!

Dock Menu in jQuery

Dock menu realized in jQuery.




Image Gallery with MooTools


Stylish popup of page elements

Image Menu

Amazing graphic menu realized with MooTools.

Window Growl

Very cool effect when click on an element's page.


Widget for great looking and unobtrusive inline-pop-ups.

Page Loader

A Simple div loader.

Sexy sliding JavaScript side bar menu

Smooth and yes, SEXY sidebar menu.


Adds accessible and unobtrusive date-pickers to your form elements.

Rounded Corners

This creates rounded corners on divs.

SmoothGallery 2.0

This javascript gallery and slideshow system allows you to have simple and smooth (cross-fading...) image galleries, slideshows, showcases and other cool stuff on your website.

Alert Box using MooTools

How to design a stunning Alert Box which changes and improves the classic look of JavaScript Alert Boxes.


Em Calculator

Converts sizes in pixels to relative em units.

PSD2CSS Online

A free online service that generates Web pages from Photoshop designs (.PSD file)

CSS Sprite Generator

With this tool, you can upload all of your images (you have to place them in a .zip file first) and it will combine the uploaded images into a single sprite and generate the CSS for you.

The Box Office

The Box Office lets you wrap, float or contour text around free-form images using CSS for (X)HTML pages.

CSS Menu Generator

This tool generates vertical, horizontal and drop-down menus online. Various color schemes are available, and you can also customize the menus online.

DrawAble Markup Language

Drawter Beta 2 gives you the possibility of literally drawing your website’s code.

Adesso cominciate pure il nuovo anno con tutti gli strumenti che vi occorrono e se ne avete altri segnalateli o lasciate gli url nei commenti.

Buon 2009 e buon anno a tutti i colleghi! 😉